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Legendary boxing matches – Legendary boxers: The Manassa Mauler

Author: Zizi

There are matches, which are never to be forgotten, and there are boxing icons, who are going to stay with us for eternity.

Jack Dempsey was one of the first pioneers, who helped professional boxing become nationwide popular around the USA and he became the first real superstar of the sport. He was the world heavyweight champion in the 1920’s and he remained extremely famous after his retirement as well.

Here are three lesser-known facts about the former champion:

  1. When he was 8 years old, he had a six-shooter pistol to defend himself against bullies. Tough times, tough solutions…
  2. He left his home at the age 16 and he illegally travelled around the country (USA) by train and took odd jobs.
  3. As I mentioned before he remained famous after his retirement, he was referenced in songs, cartoons, and pop culture as well.

Source of the article: thesportster.com

Credit: Sports Studio Photos/Getty Images