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Legendary boxing matches – Legendary boxers: Iron Mike

Author: Zizi

There are matches, which are never to be forgotten, and there are boxing icons, who are going to stay with us for eternity.

The youngest world heavyweight champion ever, the famous, the notorious Michael Gerard Tyson, aka Mike Tyson, who is 57 years old now and recently postponed his fight against Jake Paul. In his prime, he was a real monster, a KO beast, who was aggressive and a heavy hitter in the ring.

Here are three amazing facts about Iron Mike:

  1. He had a tough childhood, he was arrested 40 times, before the age of 12.
  2. During his professional career he had a five years period, when he did not have sex because people told him it would help him to become a better fighter.
  3. He was pretty rich during his prime and he was also generous and once he bought a 24-carat gold bathtub for his wife for $2 million…

Source of the article: allthatsinteresting.com

Credit: John Gurzinski/AFP via Getty Images