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Legendary boxing matches – Legendary boxers: The Brown Bomber

Author: Zizi

There are matches, which are never to be forgotten and there are boxing icons, who are going to stay with us for eternity.

This time, I am going to write about a legend, who was heavyweight champion of the world for 12 years. Joe Louis was much more than a professional boxer. He became a symbol of racial advancement and achievement. He was a real role model, not just for the black kids, but for everyone.

Here are three interesting facts about The Champion:

  1. He met with the US president, Franklin D. Roosevelt before his title fight against Max Schmeling.
  2. During WWII, he served as an US soldier, and he fought 96 exhibition matches before more than two million troops.
  3. When he was a kid, Louis and his seven siblings often slept three and four to a bed.

Source of the article: arlingtoncemetery.mil

Credit: Photos.com