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Legendary boxing matches – Legendary boxers: The Golden Boy

Author: Zizi

There are matches, that will never be forgotten, and there are boxing icons, who are going to stay with us for eternity.

Oscar De La Hoya was not just a multiple world champion in different weight classes, the Mexican-American fighter became an icon for both nations and by the way he is still very fit in his 50’s. During his remarkable professional career, he fought big names like Julio Cesar Chavez, Félix Trinidad, Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather.

Here are three amazing facts about the Olympic champion of 1992:

1. His first five professional fights were in less than five months. Actually, he won all of them with KO or TKO.

2. He is a successful businessman; his estimated net worth is around $200 million.

3. Oscar De La Hoya is a talented man, not just in boxing, but in music as well, he released a Latin pop album in 2000, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Pop Album.

Source of the article: facts.net

Credit: Triller Fight Club